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Niall J. Moran, Tullamore Solicitors, are proud to announce the opening of their new offices.

We are situated at Moore Hall, O’Moore Street, Tullamore, County Offaly. The office is located on the opposite side of the street from the Tullamore Court Hotel and there is ample parking proximate to the office. Moore Hall itself is some 260 years old, having been first constructed in or around 1756. It was built on lands the subject of a lease granted in that year to Richard Moore, the elder, of Tullamore, a merchant Lord Tullamore (later Earl of Charleville). The name of building bears no relation to the street name on which the building is located. The street name refers to an old Irish family, the O’Moores, who were at one time, chieftains of Leix or what is now, largely, County Laois. Interestingly, the building is considered to be the last building in Tullamore to which a gas lamp was attached. The wrought iron frame and lamp bracket attached to front railings remain intact to this day.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the tremendous support we have received over the past number of months in bringing this to fruition.We have received exceptional service and support from local businesses in Tullamore and beyond. In particular, we would like to thank the team at Brian Joseph Studios – www.brianjosephstudios.com for their exceptional work on our website and the team at Dezynamite, Tullamore for their work on signage, business cards and local branding.

In choosing to locate our office in Tullamore, we firmly believe that we have established ourselves in a strong regional location.

We look forward to working with local businesses into the future and to meeting and indeed exceeding our clients’ expectations in the coming years.

Please visit our contacts page to get in contact by phone or email for any legal queries.


Niall Moran, Principal.

Tullamore Solicitors



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